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The ACSM Foundation 5k Challenge

Join ACSM Foundation President Jim Pivarnik and other supporters by participating in the ACSM Foundation 5k Challenge!  By pledging to donate $5,000 over five years, you will help to build the research grant, travel award and mentorship funds that will sustain ACSM's impact through future generations of leadership.  To make your pledge, please email for assistance.

The ACSM Foundation extends its deepest appreciation to our 5k Challenge contributors:

Larry Armstrong
Claude Bouchard
Irene Davis
Bill Dexter
David Ferguson
Carl Foster
Carol Ewing Garber
Dave Hillery
Liz Joy
Wendy Kohrt
Penny Mitchell
Jim Pivarnik
Angela Smith
Walt Thompson
Catrine Tudor-Locke
Jim Whitehead

Contact to learn how you can be a 5k Challenge contributor!

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