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The ACSM American Fitness IndexTM

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With the help of some of the finest public health, sports medicine and exercise science professionals in the country, ACSM introduced the ACSM American Fitness Index™ (AFI) program in May 2008, providing an evidence- and science-based measurement of the state of health and fitness at the community level throughout the U.S. 

The AFI program aims to help communities identify opportunities to improve the health of their residents and expand community assets to better support active, healthy lifestyles.  As the foundation of the program, the AFI data report reflects a composite of preventive health behaviors, levels of chronic disease conditions, health care access, as well as community resources and policies that support physical activity.

Visit the ACSM American Fitness Index™ website to:
  • learn more about the AFI program and the AFI Advisory Board;
  • download a copy of the AFI data report to see how your community ranked;
  • view an interactive map of the ranked 50 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.;
  • download the AFI Community Action Guide to begin the process of inspiring change in your community; and
  • discover successful best practices and programs from other communities.

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