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LeBron James doesn't actually cramp more than many athletes

by Nina Mandell | Jul 22, 2014

To avoid cramping in the future, LeBron James just has to do something simple before games, according to Lewis Maharam, the Past President of the American College of Sports Medicine’s NY Chapter: Get ready to take a tequila shot.

The important ingredient: Grab a packet of salt like the kind one gets at a fast food chain.

“Put it in your hand and lick it like you’re drinking tequila,” he said.

James, whose cramping in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s Heat-Spurs game kept him out of the final minutes, has a long history of cramping — most notably during the NBA playoffs. In 2012, he also had to be carried off the floor during Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

But perhaps no meme will be more memorable for this Finals series than the image last night of a cramping James heading to the locker room as his team fell to the Spurs on a court with temperatures nearing 90 degrees.

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