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The Basic Science of Energy Balance

The American College of Sports Medicine has a long-held position stand on the topic of energy balance and weight management, first published by the college in 2001 and updated in 2009.
For more than 60 years, ACSM has valued and safeguarded the importance of independent research. Our extensive position stand on the topic of energy balance is based on the scientific evidence and came to the following conclusion: for successful long-term weight loss, both physical activity and dietary change are important. There are also additional overall health gains from physical activity apart from weight loss.
ACSM respects all proponents of healthy weight loss and management. Constructive dialogue and collaboration between healthy diet and physical activity advocates is extremely beneficial, and ACSM will always be a part of that important discussion. To help facilitate such dialogue, ACSM will host the World Congress on The Basic Science of Energy Balance: A Global Perspective on the Combined Importance of Diet and Physical Activity in May 2016.

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