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Licensure for Select Exercise Professionals

The American College of Sports Medicine has never promoted or advocated for the licensure of all exercise professionals. ACSM supports and advocates licensure only for those exercise professionals working with patients and clients with medical conditions that require minimal to advanced clinical support and who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a related, accredited certification. ACSM takes this position to ensure that exercise professionals are appropriately qualified when working with such patients.

ACSM supports non-degreed personal trainers working in nonclinical/community settings with apparently healthy clients, but does not support the need for them to be licensed.
ACSM also provides resources that help employers of fitness centers, wellness centers, worksite health promotion programs and hospitals determine their own hiring criteria for the various exercise professional positions that they have available.

For more information about ACSM’s position on licensure, go HERE.

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