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Licensure, ACSM and the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® (CREP)

The American College of Sports Medicine is one of seven certifying organizations that make up the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals®(CREP). The CREP coalition began with a focus on a registry of exercise professionals but, over time, expanded to licensure and occupational regulation- a position that was not consistent with that of ACSM.

Although a member of CREP, ACSM has never supported licensure for all exercise professionals. After thoughtful discussion at its board meeting on December 12, 2015, the other members of the CREP board agreed with ACSM’s position and voted to drop its support and advocacy for licensure at all levels.

ACSM’s (and now CREP’s) position to not support licensure for all exercise professionals is based on growing scientific evidence about the safety of exercise for healthy populations, resulting rising costs, decreases in practitioners, disruption of businesses and overall lack of compelling rationale.

For more information about ACSM’s position, go HERE

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