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Advocacy Resources

ACSM member advocates represent a gamut of expertise, from scientists to physicians to educators and health-and-fitness professionals. Each brings unique insights and perspectives to help policy makers and staffs inform their decisions. While many are involved citizens who participate in town hall meetings, campaign for candidates or issues, or engage in dialogue and debate, few have the deep experience of political professionals.

Fortunately, citizen advocacy requires little more than the desire to influence policy and the time it takes to meet with officials or to contact them by phone or email. With information from ACSM policy staff and other resources available online, the busy professional can engage in the important, fulfilling activities of advocacy.  Listed below are resources that will help guide ACSM advocates through the public policy arena. 

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, or if you need background materials, talking points or other information—or to schedule or report a Congressional visit or a local issue, please contact

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