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Congressional Commitment to Physical Activity

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America is in a health care crisis characterized by inactivity, obesity and diabetes. Members of Congress are being called upon to lead the way by making a stand to get America moving and signing the Congressional Commitment to Physical Activity.

While there are many influencers of health, physical inactivity is a growing problem and threat. According to the Centers for Disease Control, only half of adults get the physical activity they need to help reduce and prevent chronic diseases. Insufficient activity is considered by the United Nations as one the top four causes of noncommunicable diseases, which causes more than 60 percent of deaths around the world each year. 

Congressional leaders are role models and influencers of change in their communities and throughout the country. So, you are encouraged to lead the way to get America moving again by signing a Commitment to Physical Activity.


Members of Congress who have already signed the commitment

  • Senator Roger Wicker
  • Representative Robert Dold
  • Representative Ron Kind
  • Representative Marc Veasey
  • Yes! I Am Committed to Physical Activity

    I am supportive of physical activity and want to sign the Congressional Commitment. I am committed to:

    • Serving as a role model by engaging in regular physical activity in accordance with the national physical activity recommendations.
    • Providing opportunities for regular physical activity within my Congressional offices.
    • Promoting physical activity within my State/Congressional District.

    By filling out the form below you will be added to the list of members of congress who are committed to getting America moving again.

    Dear Colleague Letter from Representatives Dold and Kind

    Congressional Fitness Caucus Co-Chairs Robert Dold and Ron Kind distributed this letter to all members of Congress earlier this year, encouraging colleagues like you to join them in signing the commitment and “Getting America Moving.”

    What you can do now

    • Distribute a news release
      Once you’ve signed the document, be sure to let your constituents and the public know about it. Use this template as a guide for announcing your commitment to promoting physical activity and its many benefits.
    • Encourage Action Back Home With the American Fitness Index Action Guide
      As a member of Congress, and by signing the Congressional Commitment to Physical Activity, you’re in a position to encourage and influence change. As you meet with city, business and health care leaders in the areas you represent, ask them to use the American Fitness Index Community Action Guide as a resource for improving the health of their cities and towns.
    • Lead Constituents on a Walk and Promote Walking Through Education
      Leading by example is always effective and, for most people, it can start with something as simple as walking. Bring visibility to your Congressional Commitment by leading a group walk in your district or state. See the helpful resources below.
    • Support the Surgeon General's Step it Up! Call to Action on Walking and Walkable Communities
      19th United States Surgeon General Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy announced his call to action in September 2015. It calls on Americans to be more physically active through walking and calls on the nation to better support walking and walkability. The purpose of the Call to Action is to increase walking across the United States by calling for improved access to safe and convenient places to walk and wheelchair roll, and by creating a culture that supports these activities for people of all ages and abilities. Lend your support by visiting the call to action website
    • Promote Physical Activity on Your Congressional Website
      Create a page on your website that brings visibility to your commitment to physical activity. Include pictures of you signing the commitment as well as you and your staff being physically active. Other features could include a copy of the signed commitment, a news release announcing your commitment, and links to the helpful resources found on this page.


    Walking Toolkits

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