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ACSM's Foundation Research Grant Program started in 1989 with one research initiative in basic and applied science, and it awarded $50,000 among five doctoral research students. In 2017, the Foundation awarded approximately $141,056 among 23 student researchers and young investigators. Grants in this program and other programs are outlined below.

Clinical Sports Medicine Endowment

Jan 19, 2018, 11:59 PM
$5,000.00 USD

ACSM is pleased to announce that the Clinical Sports Medicine Endowment will fund an annual award of $5,000 for research that is directly related to clinical sports medicine. This clinical research award is open to MDs, DOs, PTs, ATCs, and other medical professionals (ACSM members only) involved in the conduct of patient-based clinical research.

The purpose of the award is to stimulate:
1.  clinical research in sports medicine and
2.  research in clinical sports medicine.

Clinical research in sports medicine must be derived from active care of athletes, such as prevention strategies, treatment protocols, or treatment outcomes. Research in clinical sports medicine must be directly related to issues of active care of athletes, such as pathogenesis, pathophysiology, biomechanics, or environmental issues. The proposals must demonstrate the study’s direct relationship to one of these purposes. The active patient care must be provided to physically active recreational, competitive or elite athletes. It is anticipated that the completed research will be presented at a highlighted session at the ACSM Annual Meeting.

Applicants for student research grants must have graduate student status during the term of the grant to be considered for funding. Applicants must be current members of ACSM at the time of submitting an application to be funded. Grants are open to all ACSM members, including international members. However, the NASA initiative is open to U.S. residents only.

You may contact the Research Administration and Programs Department regarding this grant at

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