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ACSM Member Awards & Grants

ACSM is incredibly proud of the work that our members do – from classrooms to labs, workplaces to stadiums all across the globe. Our member-focused Awards and Grants support your continual pursuit of excellence, knowledge, and new discoveries in sports medicine and exercise science by awarding and celebrating the achievements of both our student and professional members – as well as our growing base of international students and professionals. To be eligible to apply for consideration, simply become an ACSM member today.

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Student Awards & Grants

Student awards include undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate research grants, travel awards for professional development opportunities, and tuition-focused general scholarships, as well as a specific award for international students. Involved minority student members are also eligible to apply for mentorship from the ACSM Leadership & Diversity Training Program.

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Professional Awards & Grants

In fields that encompass the entire range of ACSM member expertise, career professionals are rewarded for outstanding achievements that honor new techniques, advancing fields of study, and more – both through funding, awards, and complimentary travel and admission to the ACSM Annual Meeting. Lifelong, career contributors to the ACSM mission of advancing health are also eligible for prestigious, peer-nominated honor & citation awards.

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