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Regional Chapter Samples

Regional chapter leaders often request program and publication samples from other regional chapters. Below are a list of sample materials from various regional chapters. This list is fluid and will be expanded as resources are made available. If your regional chapter has samples to share, please forward them to Heather Turner.

Sample Brochures

- NEACSM Fall 2015 Brochure
- GNYRC Fall 2015 Brochure

Sample Meeting Programs

- 2015 Mid-Atlantic Meeting Program
- 2015 Northwest Meeting Program

Sample Newsletters

- MWACSM Newsletters
- NEACSM Newsletters
- Mid-Atlantic Newsletters
- Rocky Mountain Newsletters
- SEACSM Newsletters

Sample Strategic Plans

- MWACSM Strategic Plan

Sample Sponsorship Materials

- SEACSM Sponsorship Packet

Featured Publication

   Read the latest evidence-based research for conducting exercise stress testing for young patients in the text backed by ACSM...

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