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The core of ACSM is science. While we know you’ll enjoy the numerous presentation and publication opportunities your ACSM membership gets you, we also know you can find these with any scientific organization. What you won’t find anywhere else is the chance to truly leave a legacy through your research. ACSM’s multidisciplinary membership can help you put your research into action by connecting you with the clinicians, health-and-fitness professionals and policymakers who work directly with the public. Your poster presentation, or journal article, is just the beginning.

Though you’ll love the difference your work can make through ACSM, we know you also need resources you can put to use every day in the lab. By joining ACSM, you’ll gain access to the following scientist-focused resources:

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   Learn how to design or modify exercise programs for patients with and survivors of cancer. This book also will help prepare you for the ACSM/ACS Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer exam.…

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