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  • Many reasons to be excited about our upcoming world congress

    by Guest Blogger | Dec 11, 2015

    By Liz Joy, MD, FACSM, ACSM President-elect

    As chair of the 2016 ACSM Annual Meeting Program Committee, I’m looking forward to The World Congress on the Basic Science of Energy Balance: A Global Perspective on the Combined Importance of Diet and Physical activity  that will be happening in conjunction with the annual meeting.

    According to The National Institutes of Health website, energy balance is “the balance of calories consumed through eating and drinking compared to calories burned after physical activity.” Read More.

    So why am I excited about a World Congress on energy balance? There are several reasons:

    • Energy balance is a hot topic today, timely and relevant to our profession and a variety of health-related issues. As leaders in facilitating open dialogue about subjects important to our industry and public health, the congress will bring the brightest minds together to discuss how both a healthy diet and adequate physical activity are needed for effective weight management.
    • As experts on the health benefits of physical activity, ACSM members have a great deal to bring to this discussion. We’re excited about collaborating with others on the essential relationship between dietary intake and physical activity to achieve healthy energy balance and healthy weight.
    • Hosting the congress aligns with our long-held position stand on energy balance. First published in 2001, our position stand is based on scientific evidence and concludes that, for successful long-term weight loss, both physical activity and dietary change are important. This position was endorsed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
    • Finally, our congress will help re-focus the conversation as it relates to the vital topic of energy balance. Recent negative news coverage regarding an organization called the Global Energy Balance Network- which had no affiliation with ACSM – may have detracted from the fact that energy balance is, indeed, a basic science that acknowledges the dual importance of diet and physical activity.

    I hope you’ll join me for this great congress on May 31, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. See you there!

    For more about the 2016 ACSM Annual Meeting and World Congresses, please visit the website.

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