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Sports Performance-Related Research

Please see the links below for research related to elite performance in winter sports from ACSM’s journals: Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise, Current Sports Medicine Reports, Exercise Sport Science Reviews, and Health Fitness Journal.

Ice Hockey

Gender differences in head impacts sustained by collegiate ice hockey players
Let's get the head further out of the game: a proposal for reducing brain injuries in helmeted contact sports

Ice hockey: a team physician's perspective
Validation of a helmet-based system to measure head impact biomechanics in ice hockey 

Ice Skating

Common injuries and medical problems in singles figure skaters
Effect of race distance on muscle oxygenation in short-track speed skating
Medical issues in synchronized skating
On thin ice: preparing and caring for the ice skater during competition
Prevention and treatment of foot and ankle injuries in figure skaters


Acute mountain sickness prophylaxis: a high-altitude perspective
The athlete and high altitude
Catastrophic spine injuries in sports
Cold weather issues in sideline and event management
Exercise-induced asthma in the competitive cold weather athlete
Incidence of exercise-induced bronchospasm in Olympic winter sport athletes
Medical coverage of winter Nordic sports: an overview from the field
Snowboarding injuries


Bone mineral density of olympic-level female winter sport athletes
Demystifying preventive equipment in the competitive athlete
Doping, ethics, and the sport physician
Exercising in the Cold
The Growing Trend of Ergogenic Drugs and Supplements
Specific fitness training and testing in competitive sports 


Calorie Requirements for Young Competitive Female Athletes
Fueling for Fitness: Food and Fluid Recommendations for Before, During, and After Exercise
A Nutritionist's View: Sodium and Fluid Needs for Athletes


Field evaluation of paralympic athletes in selected sports: implications for training
Injuries among disabled athletes during the 2002 Winter Paralympic Games


Acute traumatic spine injury in a competitive snowboarder
Aerodynamic drag modeling of alpine skiers performing giant slalom turns
Biomechanically influenced differences in O2 extraction in diagonal skiing: arm versus leg.
A comprehensive skiing mechanics theory with implications to snowboard optimization
Control of speed during the double poling technique performed by elite cross-country skiers
Do anthropometrics, biomechanics, and laterality explain V1 side preference in skiers?
Injury prevention strategies in skiers and snowboarders|
Lift mechanics of downhill skiing and snowboarding
Muscle control in elite alpine skiing
On-mountain coverage of competitive skiing and snowboarding events
Seasonal variation of VO 2 max and the VO2-work rate relationship in elite Alpine skiers
Ski/Snowboarding Injuries and Prevention
Snowboarding injuries
Quadriceps Muscle Function during Recreational Alpine Skiing

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