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ACSM’s Health and Physical Activity Reference Database

The American College of Sports Medicine Office of Museum, History, and Archives is pleased to provide the Health and Physical Activity Reference Database of articles and books published over the past 200 years or more related generally to the connection between health and physical exercise and the early history of the physiology of exercise. Most of the material was written in English and was published in North America.  However, some material was published in France, Germany, and England, among a few other countries.

The references were selected from a large number of published material and are by no means a complete listing. The listings are divided into two distinct reference databases.  One, titled "Health and Physical Activity", includes 3,131 separate citations to literature.  The second, titled "Exercise Physiology", includes 223 references from the literature.

The members of the Office of Museum, History, and Archives hope these searchable reference databases will be helpful to researchers in the field, but warn that they are not exhaustive lists of the entire published literature on these topics. Instead, they are “selected” lists and should be supplemented by searching other available databases. 

Jack W. Berryman, Ph.D., FACSM
ACSM Historian and Chair,

ACSM Office of Museum, History, and Archives

A Quick Reference table of major reference works throughout history, arranged by date. Clicking on any Author's name brings you to a printer-friendly page containing abstract information from the work cited.

  • Health and Physical Activity and Exercise Physiology. Two Subject / Keyword Searches  (under construction)

Two databases of historical references related to Exercise, Health and Fitness, and Physiology.

Enter keywords by which to search (including wild-cards) and view bibliographic data. Exports to common bibliographic management programs are also offered.

The two databases will be available again soon.

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