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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Captain Chiosso

Chiosso, Captain, The Gymnastic Polymachinon.   Instructions for Performing a Systematic Series of Exercises on the Gymnastic & Calisthenic Polymachinon, London: Walton & Maberly, 1855.

Definition Objective

Maladies in which the Polymachion may be useful: congestions of the head, giddiness, hypochondriasm, narrow & contracted chest, asthma, constipation, obesity, affections of the heart, derangements of digestive organs, nervous affections, epilepsy, paralysis, curvatures of the spine & other deformities.

Chiosso, 15-6.

Frequency Type / Mode 
Duration Time of Day  Intensity

Best time to exercise with the Polymachion is one hr before or 2 hrs after a repast.

Chiosso, 14.


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