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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

William P. Dewees, MD

Dewees, William P. M.D., A Treatise on the Physical and Medical Treatment of Children, Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 1832.

Definition Objective

Strengthens the muscles, crawling gives vigour to the body and stimulates the mind.

Dewees, 229, 233.

Frequency Type / Mode 

Several times a day.

Dewees, 229.

Carrying child in arms, allowing child to be left to the enjoyment of its own sensations, crawling, standing or balancing, walking, riding in a carriage, riding on horseback, skating, going in the water unprotected, before they can swim; descending from the tops of houses by a running rope, or windlass; diving or jumping into the water from a great height, playing at marbles, beating a hoop, flying of kites, playing at ball, or fives, shinny, dumb-bells.

For Girls — shuttlecock, battledore, skipping the rope, dancing, swing, riding on horseback.

Dewees, 228-229, 233, 238-239.

Duration Time of Day  Intensity



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