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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Robley Dunglison

Dunglison, Robley M.D., On the Influence of Atmosphere and Locality; Change of Air and Climate; Seasons; Food; Clothing; Bathing; Exercise; Sleep; Corporeal and Intellectual Pursuits on Human Health; Constituting Elements of Hygiene, Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1835.

Definition Objective

Active Exercise — creates local & general effects, gives firmness and elasticity to the muscles which experience and increase in their nutrition, increases the action of the heart so that blood more readily reaches the capillaries and a free circulation takes place in them, so that obstructions are prevented, improves the digestion function (traveling exercise in particular), the body acquires bulk and vigor, exercise acts as a salutary excitant, communicate precision to the movements, augmenting the action of organs, rectifying deformities, contribute to the preservation & restoration of health

Dunglison, 426-428, 432.

Frequency Type / Mode 


Dunglison,   433.

To produce the full benefits, exercise should be combined with mental amusement, hunting, dumb bells, walking, dancing, gymnastics, calisthenics, horse back riding, riding in carriages over rough roads, leaping, the chase, fencing, boxing, wrestling, sailing, (for the infant) the tossing in the arms of the nurse, exercise of the cradle

Dunglison, 430, 433-6..

Duration Time of Day  Intensity

Long & Continuous

Dunglison, 433.



Dunglison, 426-430.

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