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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

William T. Harris

Harris, William T., “The Effect of Exercise on the Vital Organs”, in Journal of Proceedings and Addresses, 37th Annual Meeting of the National Education Association, Washington, DC, July 7-12, 1898.

Definition Objective

The object of gymnastic training is to put the will into the muscles.  It gives one control over all their muscles that each act performed by the body is performed by the use of all the muscles nature provided.

Harris, 931.

Frequency Type / Mode 

Gymnastic exercises and calisthenic exercises.

Harris, 931-2.

Duration Time of Day  Intensity

Any exercise of sufficient character to cause blood to leave the organs of digestion & fill the muscles of the body or the brain, should be avoided preceding or just succeeding a meal.  According to Dr. Sargent, violent exercise should not be taken for at least 3 hrs. after a meal.

Harris, 931.


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