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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Harry H. Moore

Moore, Harry H., Keeping in Condition: A Handbook on Training for Older Boys, New York: The Macmillan Company, 1915.

Definition Objective

Moore focusing on young boy and the training for manhood which “involves the development and conservation of virility.”  Virility consists of 6 qualities--strength of muscle, endurance, energy, self-control, will power and courage.  Not just exercise alone to create/maintain virility, in addition one needs fresh air, sufficient rest, wholesome food, and control of internal force.  See chapter 5 for Moore’s belief on the relation between Training and National Progress.

Frequency Type / Mode 


Moore, 19, 21.

Hiking, baseball, owing canoeing, skating in open air are the best exercises.  Swimming is good in moderation.  Dumb-bells, clubs, wands and apparatus are excellent as are boxing and wrestling.  Mooresopinion is that Hiking is the best.  (pages 60-1, pictorial representation of 12 home exercises).

Moore, 3-5; 15; 18.

Duration Time of Day  Intensity


Exercise ought to be stopped when slightly tired, but not yet exhausted. Exercise ought to be vigorous enough to cause free perspiration.

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