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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Dorothy Nye

Nye, Dorothy, Lady be Fit! Exercises for Energy, Efficiency and Lasting Health, New York: The Womens Press, 1942.

Definition Objective

Energetic movement wakens up circulation & pushes more blood to muscles & brain with each beat of the heart, quickens body functions, ushering out poisons in system & heightens resistance to sickness, also makes excess fat dwindle. Exercise also lifts the spirits.

Nye, 33-4.

Frequency Type / Mode 

Regularly, start off with 2x/wk; “Make a date with yourself for your exercises. A daily date.”

Nye, 37, 41.

Skiing, skating, deck tennis, bowling, badminton, golf, riding, bicycling, swimming, roller skating, ping-pong, squash, walking, gardening.

Nye, 38-9.

Duration Time of Day  Intensity



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