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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

George Taylor

Taylor, George, An Exposition of the Swedish Movement Cure, New York: Fowler and Wells, 1860.

Definition Objective
exercises- all voluntary motions of the body whatsoever, without any reference to the object or objects in view
gymnastics— the means of developing the corporeal frame, whereby it is fitted for the business of life, or for any special purposes, by means of exercise
movements — are mechanical agencies, directed either upon the whole system or a part of it, for the purpose of inducing determinate effects upon its vital actions, and generally having reference to its pathological state

Taylor, 97-8
Frequency Type / Mode 

Once a day


Duration Time of Day  Intensity

Exercise when feel the need, if exercising for a positive disease, exercise should be taken in the early part of the day

Taylor, 135.

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