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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

John Warren

Warren, John C. MD, Physical Education and the Preservation, Boston: William D. Ticknor & Company, 1846.

Definition Objective

Exercise would bring into action other muscles than those, which are usually exerted in their daily toil, would give fresh vigor to the circulation of the blood, and inspire them with new cheerfulness in their monotonous routine.

Warren, 65-66.
Frequency Type / Mode 
A walk 2-3x/day

Warren, 65.
For the young female — walking in the open air, dancing, play at ball with both hands, dumb bells, parallel bars, battledoor.  For young men — gymnasia
reading aloud, singing (for those whose chests are ample).

Warren,  37-9, 49.
Duration Time of Day  Intensity

Amount of exercise must be correlated with amount of food intake.

Warren, 60.
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