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Sports Medicine Basics

ACSM offers a wealth of credible health fitness information to individuals with an interest in sports medicine, exercise science and physical activity. The Sports Medicine Basics series offers expert perspectives -- often that of ACSM members -- on trendy or controversial topics in the field.

ACSM grants permission to reprint Sports Medicine Basics contingent upon material being reprinted in entirety without alteration. Information about reprint permissions and a suggested citation can be found at the end of each document.

If you would like to suggest a topic for a future brochure or fact sheet, please email ACSM.

Sports Medicine Basics Series


Childhood Overweight & Obesity
Exercise-induced Leg Pain
Growth in Young Wrestlers
Health-Related Fitness for Children and Adults with Cerebral Palsy
High Velocity Training
Plyometric Training for Children and Adolescents
Resistance Training and Injury Prevention
Strength, Power and the Baby Boomer
Stress Fractures
The Spine-injured Football Player and Helmet Removal
Tennis Elbow
Weight Loss in Wrestlers
Women's Heart Health and a Physically Active Lifestyle
Youth Sports - Making it Safe in the Heat
Youth Strength Training

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